The Highest Court in the Land?

By: Lucas Baker and Lauren Strickfaden

Is Santa Claus real? The Easter Bunny? How about the Highest Court in the land?

The Highest Court in the land we are referring to is not the United States Supreme Court itself, but the supposed basketball court that resides above it.  It’s the age old question of “Is seeing, believing?”

highest court in the land

Could this be?….The Highest Court in the land?

Today we had the opportunity to visit the United States Supreme Court building and hoped to be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the fabled Highest Court in the land. Unfortunately, we were not able to have this privilege and were left wondering if the Highest Court truly exists.

Our tour guide confirmed its existence, stating that the area directly above the Supreme Court chambers was originally built as a library, converted into an workout area, and then ultimately a basketball court.  It is well known that the Supreme Court itself is the highest judicial authority making, it, “the Highest Court in the land”. However if this basketball court does truly exist it would physically be the Highest Court in the land.

Until we receive visual confirmation, we will continue to question the actual existence of the fabled Highest Court in the land.

Our tour guide joked that the Supreme Court justices don’t play any basketball on the court, they just sit on the bench.

2 thoughts on “The Highest Court in the Land?

  1. To the Persons who wrote the above blurb about the “Highest Court in The Land:” While I myself have never seen it, I know it exists, as my father may have actually started this traditional joke, as he helped organize a badminton court in the “attic” as it were. . .My father clerked for Justice Douglas in the 1946-47 term, and he was an avid devotee of badminton. I don’t remember whether he came up with the original witticism, and of course it would not take the most brilliant legal mind in the country to think of it, but it is still fun,

  2. Wow, I’m very happy to hear another confirmation of this court, especially from someone who seems to know it exists firsthand. We’re glad you found our article and hopefully you found it entertaining. Thanks for sharing!

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