Patton Boggs: Dream of a Lifetime

By Rachel Bradle

As one of the leading law/lobbying firms in the country (if not the world), Patton Boggs is a dream job for anyone interested in public policy, international relations, or law. They represent various clients around the world and have proven to be valuable for U.S. and foreign interests. Thankfully, twelve students and I were given the amazing opportunity to visit Patton Boggs and speak with five current employees of the firm, two of which were Drake alumni. The people we met were incredibly insightful, gracious, and brilliant. Each Drake student came away from the experience with a better understanding of what lobbying is and why Patton Boggs is such a good career choice.

As stated by one of the Drake Alums I met today, “Lobbying is really just good education.” Patton Boggs informs Congressmen on various policy issues, in terms of needs/interests regarding the firm’s clients. For instance, Patton Boggs represents the interests of U.S. and foreign companies, universities, and foreign countries and embassies (Ex: Qatar and Georgia). Created in the 1960’s, Patton Boggs is the best of the best, while maintaining ethics and dignity.

For anyone interested in pursuing a career at this firm, internships are available. Patton Boggs also encourages prospective employees to learn a foreign language, especially Arabic and Chinese, and to travel. Knowing different cultures is an important part of their job, as they have to work directly with clients from other countries. People skills and good intuition are also important qualities to have.

Personally, I believe Patton Boggs is a dream job. As an international relations and political science double major, Patton Boggs incorporates both areas of study into one career. In addition, the people working in this firm are a great group who work exceptionally hard. Each of the five people I met today were more than happy to answer questions and give my classmates and I professional advice.

Patton Boggs really is making a difference in the world, and it was amazing to visit this firm and learn more about their work. I cannot speak for my classmates; however, I truly believe this experience was insightful and positive for everyone around.

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