7 Women Fashion Trends to take from D.C.

By Kelly Tafoya

As a self-prescribed shopping guru I have had a blast witnessing all the amazing street styles in D.C. From gorgeous pea coats, statement necklaces, leather boots to wool scarves, this city is filled with timeless and classic styles. Although I’m writing about the women first don’t worry guys I’m working on your list of trends!

The key to remember though is that this isn’t a fashion capitol, it’s not New York City, Los Angeles or London it’s good ol’ Washington D.C. which means that the classier the better. Standing out in your head to toe bold outfit is not only unnecessary but will probably draw highly unwanted attention. Instead, focus more on the details and accessories to really stand out in a positive way and present a respectable image of yourself.

Below are the seven trends that I recommend everyone female double checks they have in their closet to really build a versatile and classic wardrobe the hit the streets in D.C. Hover over my recommendations to see where I found them and their estimated cost!

1. Finding the perfect riding boots is difficult, rewarding and very essential. They dress up a typical tee and jean combo (add a blazer for a great work look!) and add a grown-up touch to a dress without the pain that goes along with heels. Perfect for dressing up while also having to walk long distances – a solid pair of riding boots will only add to your number of outfit options.

2. A really warm wool-blend peacoat. Found in a wide array of colors, styles and prices this is a major must have for this time of year. For traveling in business attire it’s imperative to have something covering you that’s fashionable but will still keep you warm while tracing the streets.

3. BLACK IS BACK. Except updated. These little black dresses have been updated to really make a subtle statement. A classic and never-out-of-style color for any professional, this color is a constant go-to.

4. Large structured bags. Believe it or not it does make a professional and respectable statement (while still offering a chance to let your personality shine through the details of it) in comparison to round/shapeless bags. Sophisticated and still holds everything we do (and don’t) need it’s the perfect update for your wardrobe.

5. A reliable pair of flats. For walking such long distances during the day (and getting some great exercise!) you don’t want to take off your shoes and have insane blisters. A simple, comfortable pair of flats that compliment most of your professional wear (I would recommend black or neutral) is perfect to give you comfort while walking around all day long.

6. Statement necklaces. They’re a chance to really portray your sense of style and add that personal touch. Use it to your advantage by incorporating your favored shape, preferred color, etc.

7. A flattering pantsuit that you really really good in. Washington D.C. is cut-throat, fast-paced and contains a really fun and energetic atmosphere. With the more masculine look being a definite in for this incoming season, try on a pantsuit for size instead of your typical dress. Look for ones with ruffles or tweed to make it more feminine if you prefer. Either way this look is the perfect way to dress to impress.

Share your thoughts/ideas/opinions about this post below! Style on! 🙂 – Kelly

2 thoughts on “7 Women Fashion Trends to take from D.C.

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    Love love love this! My favorite part is the section concerning structured handbags. I don’t enjoy wristlets (even though I did just try a coach one to see how I handled it.) I am constantly on the hunt for wonderful bags and am glad to see them on the list of must-haves in the District of Columbia!

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