Strike Out at the White House

By Lucas Mueller

No matter your skill level or age, knocking down pins by rolling a ball is an accomplishment for anyone. Bowling is a sport that can be as competitive or recreational as one desires. The ultimate goal of a bowler is to score a perfect game (300) but even if that goal is not realistic, bowling can still be enjoyed by all. I would know, I’ve been bowling for a while now.

Tuesday evening the class had yet another once in a lifetime opportunity. It started when the group met with Zachary Nunn, Director of Cybersecurity for the National Security Staff at the White House, outside of Eisenhower Executive Office Building in the rain for a pizza party. To no surprise, this party was quickly moved inside. After finishing dinner, Zach was nice enough to give us a tour of the building.

The last stop on the tour was the Truman Bowling Alley. As you could probably guess, the excitement for everyone in the group, especially me, was through the roof. Right when we walked in, there were pictures mounted of former first ladies bowling with their friends. We turned the corner to find a wall of bowling shoes for everyone to choose from. Although it may be a little embarrassing, I will admit that after seeing the shoes, I instantly became even more excited about what was yet to come.

After choosing a pair of shoes and walking up a ramp to another room, there it was: the Truman Bowling Alley. A pair of lanes filled the room with a row of seats to the left for viewers. Being in the Truman Bowling Alley was extremely surreal. I was truly speechless and could not believe that I was actually bowling where a number of presidents have bowled before.

Although I may not be a professional bowler, I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to go bowling where many presidents have done so before.

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