The Greatest Challenge

By Lucas Mueller

When having over 400 people gather in one room, staying healthy is not the easiest of tasks. This is especially true when one of the top news stories everyday is related to the flu. So far, no Drake University students have caught the bug, and we are hoping to keep it that way.

When there is a guest speaker, everyone should be silent and attentive. Although the group has being attentive down, I don’t think there has been one silent moment during the morning academic sessions thus far. You can thank the large number of individuals that are feeling under the weather for that one.

With the continuous stream of sniffles, hacking of a lung, or screaming sneeze, one can’t help but feel the germs in the air around them.

To stop the spread of the flu, the select few performing the actions listed above can take some precautionary measures. For instance, the people coughing up a lung may be using a handkerchief to cough into, or the woman sneezing while she screams might be covering her mouth. I’m not positive if this is happening, but one can hope.

As the inauguration comes closer, the Drake students need to do their best to stay healthy. Like I said before, this is no easy task. This year for the inauguration, The Washington Center was gracious enough to put a program together that attracted students representing 35 states and 10 countries. With such a diverse group gathering for three and a half hours every morning, we hope that nobody else gets sick.

What has been the secret this far for the Drake University students so far you ask? Simple, staying upbeat and having a good time. Because of this, the happy, cohesive group has been able to experience so much and enjoy everything along the way without catching the flu. Stay tune to read about more adventures!

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