Starstruck at the White House

By Kayla Day

In a whirlwind of a day, we met at 7:30 this morning to get ready for our tour of the White House. The White House itself was beautiful & incredible, but one moment happened that I never thought would: I saw the First Dog, Bo.


My friends and family can attest to the fact that since I found out we were getting the chance to visit the White House, all I wanted was to see the first dog. Today, my wish came true (and I could barely contain my excitement). Due to the White House rules, I was not allowed to snap a picture of the first dog enjoying his day, but the sight of him was enough to make my day on the trip fantastic.

While waiting in line for our guided tour to begin, I was talking to RPC about what we had planned for the day and my excitement for the tour. All of a sudden it seemed like time slowed down. I just happened to turn my head as the door across from me opened and out trotted Bo, a beautiful Portuguese Water Dog. He and his Secret Service staff member were getting ready to go outside during a break in the rain. It may sound silly, but seeing Bo actually left me star struck for a moment. My excited scream alerted the rest of the group of Bo’s presence and a good chunk of our group got a chance to watch Bo wander down the hall of the White House.

Words cannot describe my excitement from seeing Bo this morning, and I am so happy I got a chance to see him at all.


Another exciting part about our White House tour was our Secret Service tour guide, Matt Strauss. He kept the tour interesting by adding his own side stories, and our entire tour group laughed the whole time. He did a truly amazing job as our tour guide and I enjoyed every minute we spent with him. After our tour was done, he took some time to talk to us about his job and our trip. He told us that he would check out our blog and also gave us a twitter shout out after we left!

Matt Strauss giving our #DrakeinDC gorup a shout out on twitter

Matt Strauss giving our #DrakeinDC gorup a shout out on twitter

Out of all of our site visits throughout our time in D.C., our trip to the White House was by far my favorite (Bo spotting aside). The paintings that hung around the President’s home were exquisite and breathtaking. Just knowing that I was standing in the same spots as many past presidents was almost too much to process.

Until next time!


(All pictures of Bo were taken from the Official White House flickr page, I do not own those images)

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