The Angriest Plates in the Union

A line of cars are all part of a protest against "TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION"

A line of cars are all part of a protest against “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”

Story and Photo by Drew Kaufman

If a wild driver comes careening toward you in Washington, D.C., the last thing you may see won’t be a nice message about what a joy it is to live here.  What am I talking about? D.C.’s license plates of course! Instead of conjuring up a lovely message like Missouri’s “Show Me State” or Florida’s “Sunshine State” plates, the Washington, D.C. license plate is instead stamped with the phrase “TAXTION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION” (and it’s really in all capital letters).

The message stems from the fact that D.C. doesn’t exist within state boundaries. Because of that, it doesn’t receive the congressional representation that states receive. D.C. doesn’t have a Senator and only has mostly symbolic representation in the House of Representatives.

This irks a lot of D.C. residents, apparently enough to take a stand on their license plates. Introduced in late 2000, drivers around the city now have the plates to declare their frustrations anywhere they can drive.

To those of us from the rest of the Union, the plates might seem a little over the top at first glance. When you think about it though, you might be a little angry too if you didn’t get to send any true representatives to the capitol building that your city is home too.

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