Six Ways Sports is Like Politics

By Larissa Wurm

Yes, you read that correctly.

Our speakers at the seminar gave a wonderful lecture this morning about the polarization of politics. The Q&A session was interesting as well. But my favorite part? The speakers briefly mentioning how sports is a lot like politics. Here’s our take on it:

  1. There is a winner and a loser. That is pretty obvious.
  2. There are teams. Everyone has a favorite football team they love to cheer for. Chances are, they have a political “team” they like to support too.
  3. It involves strategy and planning. A lot of planning goes into strategizing for that “big game” against your rival, whether it’s the championship or the presidential debate.
  4. The media loves it. Who do the people love? Who are they going to be supporting when the “big day” rolls around? And who is going to make a mistake first?
  5. Sometimes, the best player chokes. Everyone makes mistakes – even your star player. Well, the best candidates and officials are likely to make mistakes too.
  6. It is extremely competitive. If you paid any attention to this last election cycle, you know what I mean.

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