Clear View Of A Foggy Georgetown Neighborhood

Football Field at Georgetown. Photo by Guy Eckman

Football Field at Georgetown.
Photo by Guy Eckman

By Neal Walters

As the end to our Monday was approaching, our group was left with some extra time to explore the city of D.C. on our own so we decided to take the metro to Foggy Bottom and make the 5 minute walk to the Georgetown Neighborhood. Each side of the block was filled with restaurants and storefronts for everyone to enjoy. We visited Georgetown Cupcake to sample the famous delicacy and then roamed the Georgetown campus, talking to students and feeling the culture of the school all while dressed as students wearing our backpacks doing our best to fit in. We finished the tour with a trip to the bookstore and then dinner at Qdoba where we received half off our meal for being “students.” My overall experience and that of our group was one of awe at the density of the neighborhood from its great shopping and food and its close location to campus.

The following is a list of 5 interesting things to checkout next time you are able to visit the neighborhood.

  1.      Georgetown Cupcake – Featured on TLC, the store offers a large selection of gourmet cupcake creations for every pallet
  2.      The Old Stone House – One Washington D.C.’s oldest and untouched structures built in 1765 and is located just off of M street
  3.      Washington Harbor Complex – Located on K street, a great location to view the Potomac River and the rest of DC
  4.      City Club Tavern – The oldest commercial building in Washington D.C. and was frequented by George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson
  5.    Georgetown University – The 104 acre campus is just a short walk from M street, the majestic campus is full of life and a must see
The Main Gates of GeorgetownPhoto by Guy Eckman

The Main Gates of Georgetown
Photo by Guy Eckman

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