Words of Wisdom

By Lauren Ehrler

Be reliable.

Have patience.

Go above and beyond.

Find ways to practice your craft.

Make others take note of your accomplishments.

Simple words with resounding meaning, especially for students like myself who are nearing graduation.

Drake alumni Sarah Hall (’09), Mark Micheli (’10) and Matt Vasilogambros (’11) took a few minutes out of their Saturday nights to sit down with us and share a little bit about their lives as young professionals living and working in Washington, D.C.

Sarah Hall, Social Media Editor at the National Journal

Mark Micheli, Program Manager/Web Producer at the Government Executive

Matt Vasilogambros, Staff Reporter at the National Journal

Video by Noelle Smith

5 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

    • Let’s not forget the non-J-schoolers! Happy to have POLS, SOC, PSYCH, LPS, BIO, FIN, ACT SCI, IR, BUS and PHARM majors among the group. Everyone is doing us proud!

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