We Sank the Jefferson

By: Kayla Day and Josh Schoenblatt
Panoramic view of the Jefferson Memorial

Panoramic view of the Jefferson Memorial

Disclaimer: we didn’t actually sink the Jefferson, but we might have contributed to it.

Our adventures today took us on a bus tour of the sights around Washington DC, among the many stops we took was the Jefferson Memorial. Both Josh and I found the Jefferson Memorial to be one of the more breathtaking visuals we will get to view on our trip.

Angled view of the Jefferson

Angled view of the Jefferson

“It was simple and well, but pointed and beautiful and that’s what makes it the most breathtaking” Josh stated after we visited the monument. While the monument may be one of the less elaborate stops when compared to the powerful War Memorials, the Holocaust museum, and the Lincoln Memorial, but when you add together the view of the Potomac River, the shape of the structure, quotes by Jefferson and the large bronze statue of Jefferson in the middle, the combination is enough to take away anyone’s breath.

This visit to the Jefferson Memorial was the second time both Josh and I had been there, but it also proved that no matter how many times you have seen a sight its impact can still be as powerful as the first. We admit the fog have even added to our awe at the Jefferson. The fog may have been so heavy that we could barely more than few feet out in front of us, but it added a mystical feel to the early evening stop.

We both agree that the Jefferson is a must see for anyone traveling out to DC due to its simplicity and beauty, and I for one can’t wait until the next time I get to visit it again.

– Kayla and Josh

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