5 Tips from Students from the 515

By: Abby Bedore, Emily Wilson, Guy Eckman, Caitlin Robertson, Neal Walters

Are you ever planning on visiting our nation’s capital? The simple answer should be “yes.”
After a day of exploring D.C., we have created a list of tips to help our fellow tourists travel around the city.


Tip 1: Load your Metro card, and only swipe for yourself, even if the girl is cute.

While it may look like a depressing place, the Metro provided us with a much needed reprieve from walking. Neal learned not to swipe his card for others the hard way, but luckily Metro security was nearby to help him out.


Tip 2: Keep your eyes peeled for restaurants.

Eateries in D.C. are hidden in the nooks and crannies of this packed city. You might want to avoid spilling every beverage your group receives, as well.


Tip 3: Rely on your maps.

We found it was easier for us to find our destinations on maps instead of asking people off the street. Turns out, most people are just as lost as we are.


Tip 4: Be aware of your surroundings.

Whether you find yourself in the middle of a protest or being followed by a questionable subject, be aware of where you are and where your group is.


Tip 5: Blend in with the locals.

We thought we would fit in better by acting confident and knowing where we were going. But apparently, holding a Drake pennant and doing handstands in front of St. John’s Church isn’t how the Washingtonians spend their Saturdays.

Our first day in D.C. presented us the opportunity to explore the city and engage with its people, and word on the street is that the city is getting ready for the inauguration. While the inauguration is an exciting time for our group and the nation, the locals aren’t as excited for the congestion that comes with it. Either way, today couldn’t have been a better kick-off to our trip!

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