Day 1: We arrive

The students will usually be posting to the blog, but today I’ll post a few photos and a summary.

We arrived throughout the day, some as early as 9 a.m., others 9 p.m. Several of us arrived on the same morning flight from Des Moines and had a scenic approach into the city  over the Potomac, with views of the Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington memorials, U.S. Capitol and National Mall.

We spent the day settling in to our living quarters at The Washington Center and stocking our kitchens with groceries. A small group of those who arrived early ventured in a light drizzle to the Official Inaugural Store, which opened today. Then we meandered a few blocks to the White House, where preparations are already being made for the inauguration and parade.

Tomorrow is our first full day with everyone here. We hope to have new blog posts up by about 7 p.m. EST.

— Jill Van Wyke

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