Where Are We Going?

By Josh Schoenblatt

Millions of people visit Washington D.C. every year, and I am lucky enough to not only visit our nations capital, but am able to go celebrate as the 44th America to lead this country is sworn in for a second term. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, this is a moment for the history books. And I’ll be there to see/feel/embrace all of it.

In 11 days, I will not only see the sights, but will be venturing to where few have been. Bowling at the White House, and a possible visit to the highest court in the land are just a few highlights in what will be an unforgettable trip.

Can this country blossom this term under the President's leadership?

Can this country blossom this term under the President’s leadership?

The inauguration is a time for the people gain hope that tomorrow will be a better day. This year especially, the country will listen in closely. America has been going through a harsh and long lasting winter -figuratively speaking- and is ready to blossom like that of a weeping cherry tree in early spring. This country was divided by a fierce election season, so Americans from both sides of a the aisle will be listening to see if President Obama can bring the change to spring that we need, or if politics as usual will continue.

I am walking into this inauguration with an open mind, but closed heart. I firmly believe that no matter who wins an election, they rightfully deserve respect. With that being said, I respect him, but do not stand behind his decisions. In this highly polarized country, President Obama’s inauguration speech needs to have a healing tone. What the country needs is a leader who will bring together both sides to fix the current problems in America. Partisan votes and closed-door meetings will not fix the problems, and I hope to hear President Obama speak about this in his inaugural address. I would also like to hear the President speak about the issues the country is facing. From gun control to the fiscal cliff, all of these issues need solutions today and not years from now. I want to hear President Obama talk about his thoughts on these issues, and what he wants done to fix them.

I am excited to be able to see this inauguration because inaugurations are historic. It’s a time of hope for a better tomorrow. Hundreds of thousands of people from across this country will for a day converge in one location to see the swearing in of President Obama. The energy in the crowd will be something I have never seen before I am I excited to see it.

As I finish writing this, I am roughly 26 hours away from entering Washington D.C. I am eager to being what will be a fun filled learning experience that I will never forget. Washington D.C. here I come!

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