Washington D.C.: My Political Wonderland

By Emily Grimm

For many people, Washington D.C. is regarded as a place where ruthless politicians play a corrupted game with no sense of unity for the common welfare.  To some it may also represent a place where opinions and party loyalties come between crucial pieces of legislation and various legal matters may not be timely managed.

The Queen in Wonderland was adamant that her roses not be white, but red.

The Queen in Wonderland was adamant that her roses not be white, but red.

For me you may ask? I believe Washington D.C to be my Political Wonderland. Of course this city is filled with corrupt politicians and lawmakers who only want their “roses pained red.”  The legislator’s days are filled with negotiations “over tea” and meetings they “must not be late for.”  Washington D.C. is a peculiar place and I’m just Alice trying to comprehend it all.

My journey to wonderland began in 2010 when I was selected to attend a leadership conference through a high school program.  Needless to say it was only a program to teach high school students the political process and to conduct simulations.  Now, when a program puts 200 high school students in a room to simulate congress, it’s not quite the same.  In 2012, my Washington journey took a turn.  I was accepted to represent my sorority along with 50 Greek men and women from across the country to work with a Lobbying and Law Firm known as Patton Boggs.  My fellow lobbyists and I studied for days on a new piece of legislation that affected college affordability in relation to non-profit housing. At 18 years old it was rather intimidating sitting down on the phone with Senator Grassley and lobbying for this bill.  At that moment, I was learning and getting a better grasp on what Washington politics were truly like.

As for my expectations in 2013, I am excited to immense myself in true Washington polices and witness a historical moment.  Regardless of party affiliation, the Inauguration is a time honored tradition and an experience not may individuals get to witness.  It is one day were party’s hopefully put views aside and honor a man who has earned the American peoples votes and trust to carryout the nation and to swear on a Holy Bible that he will do so wholeheartedly.

I hope to see throughout the inaugural process and in the President’s speech a push toward bipartisanship.  Through reelection President Obama has to take on some major issues presented toward our country that include gun control, foreign involvement, and our never ending roller-coaster of an economy. In the past President Obama wanted to see more cohesive work between Republicans and Democrats in Congress. In order to get the bipartisan movement going I believe President Obama has the make the first move.  This term I would hope to see the President add a Republican to a highly regarded position under his administration. The greatest impact President Obama could have on the Republican

I'm just Alice trying to figure out my political wonderland.

I’m just Alice trying to figure out my political wonderland.

Party is to make Mitt Romney an economic advisor.  While I don’t think that idea would ever come to fruition, I think it would set the stage for further bipartisanship and more cohesive lawmaking.

On this trip I hope to be reminded of why I want to work in Washington D.C. and devote the rest of my life to American politics.  It’s a tough city to work in but through hard work and diligence, like I hope to learn in the upcoming days, anyone can make an impact on our nation.  While I may just be starting off as Alice, working my way though doors and holes, I know at the end of my journey I will concur my political wonderland.

– EG

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