This time around

By: Jennifer Pacini

I never thought I would travel back to Washington D.C.. In October of 2009 I traveled to D.C. with my dad.

My dad and I

My dad and I

Our plans for the extended weekend trip were to visit some of the key sites and to listen to my dad speak at the ABA convention. When we arrived, the city was beautiful and filled with life. I remember sitting at a café just down the street from the capital building. I could not wait to visit all of the sites, and learn everything I could about our nation’s history. After a day of travel we decided to call it a night and to start our adventures fresh the next morning.  No one could have predicted what was going to happen next. We received a call from my mom at around four a.m., letting us know that my grandma passed away in the night. Within two hours my dad and I were at the airport and on a flight back to Chicago.

I got a glimpse of the city.

Now I get the opportunity to truly study it. After looking at our week’s itinerary we will be exploring everything; landmarks, job shadows, attending seminars, bowling in the white house, volunteering at Bread for the City and so much more. All of this will lead up to the big event, the Presidential Inauguration. Washington D.C. is such a unique city; from working professionals in suits to tourist with big cameras hanging over there neck. I am curious to learn how the business professionals are able to work in this type of city.

The inauguration is what I am looking forward to most. The theme for this year’s Inaugural Address is “Faith in America”. I do not think that this could come at a better time. With the approval rating of Congress at a low and school shootings at a high, we need faith restored in our country. I hope that Obama will be able to express a plan to ease the polarization between the two political parties and a way to fix the economy. Even if he does not address these topics, I hope his speech will move the nation to have faith in him and in our country.

It is still unreal to me that tomorrow I will be on a plane to our nation’s capital. Drake University has allowed me so many great opportunities; this trip is sure to be another one that I will never forget.

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