Such Opportunity Such Optimism

By Guy Eckman

As we near closer to the wonderful opportunity to spend time in the nations capital, the excitement at the chance of a lifetime continues to grow. Being that this is my first trip to Washington D.C. I’m expecting the unexpected. With so much to do, and see this becomes a great opportunity of learning, and I plan to soak up as much of the environment as possible.

Witnessing any inauguration on T.V. is enough to send chills down my back as it represents the nations coming together, but to actually be able to witness such an event will be something I’ll have a hard time forgetting. I’m curious as to what will be said by our president. With so much being talked about regarding the fiscal state of our nation, gun control, and many of the other platforms he campaigned for, it will be an interesting address. Aside from seeing and hearing what President Obama has to say, being along side thousands, and thousands of people, in addition to the millions watching through media broadcasts, I’m very excited to have the opportunity to arrive early with classmates and experience what a I’m sure will be a chilly morning in Washington, which is certainly is easier said than done. I’m not sure on how to prepare myself mentally, which may sound ridiculous, but being a part of an event that the entire nation takes part in is a rarity.

Washington represents the foundation of our nation, and to be at the forefront, and see all of the sights will be a true honor, many of which will be humbling. Such may include trips to the Holocaust museum, the national archives, and my favorite, the white house. While our visit to the white house may not be so green as it is in the photo, when I think our capital, this would be one of the first things that comes to mind, and having not only the chance to visit the white house, but get inside and bowl in mind boggling. The White House

Through the variety of reasons I choose to do this trip, none are greater than that of witnessing history. As I mentioned, an inauguration is rare, and to see it in person will be humbling. I take great pride in being American, and to also see the history of our great nation will be an eye opening expirence. I’m grateful at such an opportunity and I’m looking forward to the many memories to come!

One thought on “Such Opportunity Such Optimism

  1. Your parents sent us the information. Wow, what an experience you are about to have. Don’t forget to write down every detail so you always remember everything. Our blessings and our love,
    Nana and Grandpa

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