Great Expectations: The 57th Inauguration

By: Abby Bedore

What better time to visit our nation’s capital than during an inauguration? Since signing up for the trip a year ago, I have been anxiously awaiting these 11 days in D.C.

Although this will be my third trip to Washington, D.C., I believe this trip offers a once in a lifetime experience. I believe I will be able to learn about the city in a greater capacity now as a student than in my previous visits as a tourist. Our class activities and partnership with The Washington Center will allow me to engage with D.C. residents, members of Congress and Drake alumni who can show what life in the capital is really like. From our service project with Bread for the City to bowling at the White House, I know this trip will take me beyond the typical tourist stops.

I am most excited for our site visits to the White House, Capitol Building and the Supreme Court. As a child, I dreamed of visiting the White House. In middle and high school mock trial, I pictured myself as a lawyer in front of the Supreme Court. While I have determined not to pursue a law degree, my mock trial experiences developed an interest in government and politics. When I think of the U.S.’s great moments, I think of the people fighting for our rights and freedoms in these buildings. I am looking forward to learning about the different cultures within the three branches of  government.

Attending the inauguration is why I chose this January Term course. I am anxious to see how this national ceremony unfolds and all the media, visitors and hoopla that surround it. At the inauguration, I would like to hear Obama discuss his plans for the next four years, especially those regarding education and the economy. With a brother in the Marines, I am also interested to hear Obama’s plans regarding terrorism and the military.

I am grateful to Drake University for offering this opportunity. I plan to take back and share what I learned in the classroom, internships and with my peers.While not everyone can attend the inauguration, I hope our class blog posts and photos can help others experience Washington, D.C. and the inauguration with us.

One thought on “Great Expectations: The 57th Inauguration

  1. Enjoy and soak up every minute of this unique experience! We’ll be looking for your group in the inaugural audience, and trying to keep up with the blog posts. Take a lot of pictures- they’ll be worth thousands of words.

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