Are we there yet?

By Rachel Bradle

In all honesty, I still cannot believe I will be in Washington D.C., by the end of this week. I have always wanted to go there, and now I finally get the chance. Not only that, but I get to attend the presidential inauguration, while I am there. The more I think about it, the more excited I get. If I could skip the airport part of the trip, and just move right on to D.C., I would be one happy girl! While talking with other members of the group over these past few days, I truly think everyone will get along just fine. Yes, we may not all hold the same political beliefs, but we are all respectful enough to know how to have a discussion – not an argument. I really expect this group to be “happy and cohesive,” as our professors hope for.

One of the biggest reasons why I chose to go on this trip was because I hope to one day live and work in Washington D.C. It has always been a dream of mine, and who knows, maybe one day it will become reality. I cannot wait to see the city, meet new people there, and see the different institutions and organizations which run our country. This is going to be an absolutely amazing experience!

obama inauguration Microsoft & AT&T To Contribute For Obamas 2nd Presidential Inauguration

President Obama, whether or not everyone  agrees with him, is undoubtedly a great speaker. Hearing the inaugural address in person, instead of on a television screen, will be amazing experience, and I cannot to see  such a historical moment. When people down the road talk about the presidential inauguration, I will now be able to say, “I was there. This is what it was like…” It will make for a great story and even better memories! As for the President’s speech, I expect to hear a continued promise to restore America and create jobs. In general, I hope to hear President Obama’s plan for the future of our country.

This experience will be amazing! I am so glad I have this opportunity to visit our nation’s capital, see the inauguration in progress, and meet all the great people in this group!

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