A Trip to Washington DC in January

By: Caitlin Robertson

Where to begin? Washington D.C. is a place filled with power and mystique. In less than 36 hours I am going to be right in the middle of it all! To say I’m excited is probably an understatement. For the past few months I have been telling everyone I know about this trip and my Christmas List contained many items that will come in handy while I’m in DC. Besides just bragging about this adventure I’m about to go on, I’ve also been asking everyone for advice. Mainly, how will I stay warm at the Inauguration? Like most of you, being cold is not a feeling I particularly like, but I’m expecting to be very, very cold by the end of the Inaugural ceremonies.

I have no doubts that the cold is going to be worth every second. The history and tradition that surround the Inauguration is astounding. Since 1789 our country has celebrated this occasion. On the day of the 57th Inauguration I will be in the crowd, along with my fellow Drake University companions. We will witness history being made.

I’ve never been able to attend President Obama’s speeches before, but I’ve heard tales about his outstanding public speaking abilities. What better place to hear the President speak for the first-time than the Inauguration? I can’t think of any.

I cannot wait to visit the National Archives.

I cannot wait to visit the National Archives.

The days we spend in the capitol before the Inauguration are sure to be some we will remember for the rest of our lives. Besides touring the city, White House, and U.S. Capitol, we will be bowling in the White House bowling alley and volunteering at Bread for the City. Out of everything, I am most excited for the National Archives. All of the history contained in those walls is mind-boggling.

Coming from rural, farm-town America, I have only been on a metro a handful of times and ridden in a cab even less. Learning how to navigate the city and feeling comfortable doing it will be no small task. In fact most of trip will filled with activities I have never done before. When I step off the plane, I will literally be stepping out of my comfort zone. However, this is the aspect of the trip that really pulled me into signing up last year. The opportunities available to us on this trip are worth all of it. The chance to visit our nation’s capitol, reflect on the past, take in the present, and remember why I am truly proud to be an American.

One thought on “A Trip to Washington DC in January

  1. Caitlin! Love reading your posts – it sounds like you’re having a great time & learning alot. I’m with you, the Archives were one of my favorite places. We found the Guards there rather intimidating with their ‘no flash’ rules, but knew that it was entirely appropriate (and didn’t want our cameras taken away!). The sense of history and greatness in that Hall is overpowering. Can’t wait to hear more! Stay warm!

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