A Cold Day in January

By Neal Walters

What are my expectations for the presidential inauguration in 2013? I expect it to be cold, snowy, crowded, and in many other ways uncomfortable. The government expects there to be around one million people in attendance for the inauguration of President Barack Obama and expect there to be police officers and other security personnel everywhere you can see (and not see). In many ways the environment isn’t comfortable and the ceremony isn’t fun so why is it that I am going to Washington D.C. January 22? For the once in a lifetime opportunity to view one of our country’s oldest traditions that dates back to George Washington and includes every president following.

The Inauguration of President Obama should be much different than his first as far as expenses and showmanship. No inaugural concert and no more excess inaugural balls to attend. This year’s inauguration should be much shorter and hopefully sweeter in terms of plans and promises. Obama’s 2009 address lasted only 21 minutes and was filled with promises of change and quotes of patriotism. What will be the theme of the 2013? I expect Obama to continue to use his excellent orating skills and woo the crowd as he usually does with his stories of old and the change to come. Obama will read inaugurations of old and most likely talk about human rights and Martin Luther King Jr. because of the timing of the inauguration. He will most likely tough on the current economic state and preach how it’s “the strength of the middle class” that runs the nation. Obama will then likely touch on recent tragedies in the American community and talk about how there is no room for evil people in America.

Washington D.C. is sure to be filled with things to do because of the inauguration. The international spy museum and the holocaust museum are the top two museums I wish to see but other attractions in the area are the Jefferson Memorial and just a walk through Georgetown University. Since this is my second time to D.C. I would like to skip most of the big tourist attractions that are sure to be flooded with crowds of people from all over. Instead I would like to experience D.C. at a more intermediate level.

So those are my expectations of the inauguration and the capitol city of Washington D.C. I hope to make it a memorable trip and meet new friends and hopefully network out to CIA or even Secret Service members.

Georgetown University in the snow

Georgetown University in the snow

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