My expectations and excitement

By Kayla Day
Obama's final campaign rally in Des Moines was my first experience hearing President Obama speak live

Obama’s final campaign rally in Des Moines was my first experience hearing President Obama speak live

Friday morning marks my second adventure to our nation’s capitol. The last time I went to Washington DC I was in 8th grade, my expectations then were to have fun with my friends in a new place, now at 20, my expectations for this trip are far different. This time I am going to learn and network so I can be one step closer to my goals.

My first trip to DC was a whirlwind experience, my first big trip without my parents, my first time on a plan, and the moment I realized my future would involve politics of some sort. I expect this trip to be of stark contrast to the site seeing and goofing around with friends that my first trip brought. I am going to DC this time with the expectation that I will be bombarded with information about our political system and the election process.

I’m sure like many others, but when I first heard that Drake was offering this trip I immediately thought about what a great opportunity this would be for my future in politics. As the election process continued on and President Obama was reelected I realized that this experience would be so much more than I ever imagined. I would have been happy to go to Washington DC no matter the outcome of the election, but being able to see a politician that I support makes this trip so much more than what I thought it would be.

During our trip to DC, I hope to network with professionals working in Political PR and campaign work. My dreams of working on a campaign as a PR specialist is the type of job that can successfully be gained by making connections with other professionals in the same field. I know that there are many Drake alum working in DC (I’m still positive that one day Drake alums will run the world) that at one point had the same ambitions that I do.

I am also excited to participate in the National Day of Service. I want to be able to get more involved with charities and nonprofit work and Bread for the City is a great organization to get started with. I feel that working with charities is a great way to learn more about what a difference I can make by just helping out for one day.

I must say though, I might be most excited for all the opportunities we get to do as a class outside of the Washington Center seminar. I know my mom has been telling people about bowling in the White House since I told her we got the opportunity! Even though my main interest is the learning opportunities, I can’t wait to visit the sites (especially the Lincoln Monument and the National Archives). I am by far the most excited to hear President Obama speak again, he is one of the better public speakers that I have ever heard in person and the opportunity to hear him speak live again gets me more excited about our trip!

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