6 years later and little bit different expectations…

By Emily Wilson

The last time I was in D.C. I was 14 and immature. Now six years later and little more mature, I could not be more excited to head back to the city. I was instantly drawn to the trip because I’m majoring in Politics at Drake, along with Law, Politics and Society (LPS). I love the learning opportunities Drake has given me but I cannot wait for the experience this trip to D.C. will bring me.

My trip to D.C. my 8th grade year.

My trip to D.C. my 8th grade year.

The inauguration is a historical moment and the part of the next weeks I am most eager about. While it is not the man I was hoping to be up there, I am still overjoyed that I will be in attendance. I’m interested to hear what the President will say about the economy’s current state and his plans to change it. I am also curious about the crowd and the crowd’s reactions, as it is his second inauguration and some of the excitement may be gone.

I want to see D.C. in a different way by the end of the trip. When I think Washington, I think the National Capital and The White House, never a working, vibrant city. With politics and law being my main interests and career field choices, I want to learn about the opportunities D.C. has for a girl like me. I can’t wait to meet those who have made a life in D.C. and hear how they got where they did.

The part of the trip that I hope sticks with me forever is being in The White House. When I heard we were getting the opportunity of a tour and to bowl, I did not even know what to say. That is one of my bucket list items that I will now be able to cross off, thanks to Drake.

The White House

The White House

Whether it is the day we are in The White House or at the inauguration, I know I will be enjoying every minute of it. The experiences I will have and the people I will meet will hopefully impact my goals and aspirations in the future and help put me in the right direction. I also can’t forget about the amazing learning experience this will be and I know this class will give me much more knowledge on such a historical moment.

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